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A total of 331 students have been named to the Olivet College 2015 fall semester Dean’s List.

To make the Dean’s List, a student must be full-time and earn a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Students are listed in zip code order.

Note: * indicates the student earned a 4.0 grade point average for the semester.


Jenna Benvenuti of Fraser (48026)

Leeza Donald of Clinton Township (48035)

Gregory Petty of Clinton Township (48035)

Matthew Rowan of Clinton Township (48035)

Deanna Zolnoski* of Macomb (48044)


Jeanette Fisher of New Baltimore (48047)

Rachel Joseph of Chesterfield (48047)

Margaret Callahan of Chesterfield (48051)

Jessica Taylor of Chesterfield (48051)

Connor Spencer of China (48054)


Olivia Peraino of Richmone (48062)

Haley Reed of Casco (48064)

Jordyn Mackool* of Berkley (48072)

Lucia McNally* of Berkley (48072)

Rachel Senopole of Troy (48085)


Halle Burke of Warren (48093)

Evan Shambaugh of Ann Arbor (48103)

Delaney Graham* of Brighton (48116)

McKenna Graham* of Brighton (48116)

Evan Hoshaw of Brighton (48116)


Rachel Zeiler of Ida (48140)

Bronson Warren of Monroe (48162)

Matthew Scher of New Hudson (48165)

Augusta Kummer of Plymouth (48170)

Jacob Richards of Saline (48176)


Megan Dossey of Trenton (48183)

William Mittard of Trenton (48183)

Tiffany Dulock* of Westland (48186)

Megan Peplinski of Canton (48188)

Adrian Newell-Sturgill of South Gate (48195)


Michael Sherman of Ypsilanti (48197)

Brandon Pruitt of Detroit (48210)

Daniel Collins of Ferndale (48220

Xavier Vance* of Detroit (48223)

Antonino Minaudo of Rochester Hills (48306)


Colin Sheehan of Rochester Hills (48309)

Lauren Vanderhoff of Sterling Heights (48313)

Zachary Gray of Utica (48317)

Derek Beslock* of Highland (48356)

Madison Carr of Highland (48357)


Mary Dalrymple of Novi (48374)

Brooke Stano of Commerce Township (48382)

Travis Petts of Fenton (48430)

Madeline Maxwell of Flushing (48433)

Danielle Bearden of Goodrich (48438)


Dominic Mastromatteo of Grand Blanc (48439)

Stephanie Robinson of Grand Blanc (48439)

Ann Fetzer* of Holly (48442)

Katie Ordiway of Holly (48442)

Alexis Nichols* of Lapeer (48446)


Evan Schlaud of Lapeer (48446)

Nicole Sebok of Lennon (48455)

Sarah Crittenden of Metamora (48455)

Nathan Weeks* of Montrose (48457)

Jacob Kinney of North Branch (48461)


Jessica Palacios* of Ortonville (48462)

Ashlee Roussey of Ortonville (48462)

Miranda Quick of Swartz Creek (48473)

Emily Cooper* of Flint (48506)

Andrico Mason of Flint (48532)


Megan Partlo of Coleman (48618)

Christine Brooks of Harrison (48625)

Ryan Hagarty of Hemlock (48626)

Thomas Vondette* of Hemlock (48626)

Dallas James* of Roscommon (48653)


Courtney Neering of Bay City (48708)

Denver Bonkowski of Frankenmuth (48734)

Kyle Ranney* of Millington (48746)

Dana Kyra Velasco* of Oscoda (48750)

Philip Delpiere of Pigeon (48755)


Meggan Andrews of Ashley (48806)

Kaleb Bradley of Ashley (48806)

Bruce Baker of Charlotte (48813)

Franklin Balluff of Charlotte (48813)

Carlos Barajas* of Charlotte (48813)


Ryan Bartolacci of Charlotte (48813)

Carson Campbell of Charlotte (48813)

Anna Davis* of Charlotte (48813)

Tyler Davis* of Charlotte (48813)

Erin Dietz of Charlotte (48813)


Ellaina Hall of Charlotte (48813)

Blane Heisler of Charlotte (48813)

Kaitlin Irish* of Charlotte (48813)

Allison Kirk of Charlotte (48813)

Abygail Maldonado of Charlotte (48813)


Ayren Parrish of Charlotte (48813)

Traci Smith of Charlotte (48813)

Landen VanSyckle of Charlotte (48813)

Konnor Geiger of Clarksville (48815)

Andrew Pabst* of Corunna (48817)


Rhett Pringle* of Crystal (48818)

Ryan Anderson* of DeWitt (48820)

Patrick Donovan of DeWitt (48820)

Shelby Verlinde* of Dimondale (48821)

Emily Washabaugh of Dimondale (48821)


Lindsey Limonoff of East Lansing (48823)

Laura Stickney of East Lansing (48823)

Christine Wood* of East Lansing (48823)

Kaylee Heinz of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Jason Kibiloski of Eaton Rapids (48827)


Stephanie Lamb* of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Bradley Przedwojewski of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Lacey Risner of Eaton Rapids (48827)

McKenze Rogers of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Jacob Vanvliet of Eaton Rapids (48827)


Courtney Wood of Eaton Rapids (48827)

Matthew Darling of Elsie (48831)

Colin Boak of Fowlerville (48836)

Krystin Verran of Grand Ledge (48837)

Chelsea Barker of Haslett (48840)


Taylor Pringle of Haslett (48840)

Hannah Scott of Haslett (48840)

Haley Powers of Holt (48842)

Matthew Zajac of Holt (48842)

Edward Cullip of Howell (48843)


Cornelius Pettit of Howell (48843)

Amanda George* of Laingsburg (48848)

Zachary Walker* of Laingsburg (48848)

Alexis Hyatt* of Lake Odessa (48849)

Kathryn Kutas of Lake Odessa (48849)


Kattie Stahl of Lake Odessa (48849)

Andrew Arras of Mason (48854)

Amanda Igl of Mason (48854)

Samantha Igl of Mason (48854)

Noah Thelen of Mason (48854)


Gabriella Trudell of Mason (48854)

Brooke Kastamo* of Howell (48855)

Austin Briggs of Mount Pleasant (48858)

Nolan Briggs of Mount Pleasant (48858)

Tristen Fox of Mount Pleasant (48858)


Delaina Malloy* of Mulliken (48861)

LeeAnne Wonser* of Mulliken (48861)

Ryan Clark of Okemos (48864)

Christopher Sudduth of Okemos (48864)

Leah Lupu of Ovid (48866)


Samantha Stringhum of Ovid (48866)

Chase Dunn of Perry (48872)

Nicholas Lazzell of Perry (4872)

Griffin Lewis of Perry (48872)

Alexander Lehman of Potterville (48876)


Kennedy Smith of Potterville (48876)

Jennaveyve Tryon-Mueller of Saranac (48881)

Hannah Yates of Shepherd (48883)

Cecilia Bayne of Six Lakes (48886)

Elizabeth Aungst of Sunfield (48890)


Allison Martin of Westphalia (48894)

Daniel Martin of Westphalia (48894)

Marissa Guile of Williamston (48895)

Megan LaForge of Williamston (48895)

Hannah Sweeney of Williamston (48895)


Emily Cusack of Woodland (48897)

Heather Kennedy of Woodland (48897)

Holleigh Kennedy of Woodland (48897)

Cassandra Brown of Lansing (48910)

Cindy Espinosa-Gonzalez of Lansing (48910)


Gretchen Humphreys* of Lansing (48910)

Chantel Johnston of Lansing (48910)

Ndamona Hinamanu of Lansing (48911)

Marco Santos of Lansing (48911)

Michael Tran of Lansing (48911)


Alejandro Trevino of Lansing (48911)

ReBekah McDaniel of Lansing (48911)

Kara Dishaw of Lansing (48911)

Brandi Thomas of Lansing (48911)

Samuel Knoechel* of Kalamazoo (49009)


Trenton Monroe of Kalamazoo (49009)

Austin Kelley of Allegan (49010)

Connor Bauserman* of Battle Creek (49014)

Justin Pierson of Battle Creek (49014)

Sahara Thayer of Battle Creek (49014)


Jaime Devenney of Battle Creek (49015)

Madelynn Drikakis of Battle Creek (49015)

Daniel Glidden of Battle Creek (49015)

Rachael Hager of Battle Creek (49015)

Megan Keathley* of Battle Creek (49015)


Matthew Kidder* of Battle Creek (49015)

Travis Lankerd of Battle Creek (49015)

Tyler Polendo of Battle Creek (49015)

McKenzie Skiendziel of Battle Creek (49015)

Zachary Behnke of Battle Creek (49017)


Stephanie Chmiel of Battle Creek (49017)

Kirstin Langer* of Battle Creek (49017)

Courtney Reed of Battle Creek (49017)

Brooks Smith of Battle Creek (49017)

Christopher Talbott of Battle Creek (49017)


Jacob Taylor* of Battle Creek (49017)

Bailey Tyler of Battle Creek (49017)

Chad Hall of Bellevue (49021)

Kylie McHale of Bellevue (49021)

Kristin Ormsbee of Bellevue (49021)


Katherine Pestun of Bellevue (49021)

Heather Roble of Bellevue (49021)

Taylor Thorn of Bellevue (49021)

Aaron Gumpert of Benton Harbor (49022)

Larissa Ludwick of Bronson (49028)


Nathan Petoskey* of Centerville (49032)

Mitchell Galloway of Coldwater (49036)

Ryan Owens of Battle Creek (49037)

Mahalia Stelter* of Coloma (49038)

Michael Ford of Delton (49046)


Taylor Gorr or Dowling (49050)

Kimberly Barber* of Gobles (49055)

Benjamin Raab of Hastings (49058)

Alena Buczynski of Marshall (49068)

Molly Chapman of Marshall (49068)


Nicholas Conroy of Marshall (49068)

Julie Crone* of Marshall (49068)

Alecia Dennis* of Marshall (49068)

Tyla Douglas of Marshall (49068)

Forrest Frantz* of Marshall (49068)


Summer Katz of Marshall (49068)

Emily Knoerr of Marshall (49068)

Sydney Reichenbaugh of Marshall (49068)

Myranda Reyna of Marshall (49068)

Dakota Roberts of Marshall (49068)


Laura VanDyke* of Marshall (49068)

Taylor Molnar* of Mattawan (49071

Cody Ross* of Mendon (49072)

Angelina Daberkow of Nashville (49073)

Dallie Flower* of Nashville (49073)


Corey Hricovsky of Nashville (49073)

Carla Broggi* of Olivet (49076)

Lydia Calderon* of Olivet (49076)

Kyle Carter of Olivet (49076)

Ryan Ehm of Olivet (49076)


Lauren Fisk of Olivet (49076)

Jeff Humphrey of Olivet (49076)

Hannah Mellino* of Olivet (49076)

Victoria Mellino* of Olivet (49076)

Brianna Moore of Olivet (49076)


Zachary Nash* of Olivet (49076)

Samuel Parker of Olivet (49076)

Kaila Redfield of Olivet (49076)

Trent Strang* of Olivet (49076)

Ethan Sylvester* of Olivet (49076)


Jacob Vanator of Olivet (49076)

Marki Wilber* of Olivet (49076)

Connor Murney of Paw Paw (49079)

Rebecca Waite* of Paw Paw (49079)

Nicholas Jones of Plainwell (49080)


Chase Cook of Quincy (49082)

Dakota Stanfill of Schoolcraft (49087)

Trevor Haas of Scotts (49088)

Luke Hetke* of Tekonsha (49089)

Jessica Doster of Three Rivers (49093)


Nancy Ulrich of Union City (49094)

Casey Eldridge of Vermontville (49096)

Justin Parks of Vermontville (49096)

Zachary Pruitt of Vermontville (49096)

BreAnne Rudlaff* of Berrien Springs (49106)


Jordan Jones of Bridgman (49106)

Madison Siebenmark of Bridgman (49106)

Abigail Gains of Niles (49120)

Earl Bryant of Jackson (49201)

Lauren Easton of Jackson (49201)


Rachel Stoneburner of Jackson (49201)

Savannah Underhill of Jackson (49201)

Isaac York of Jackson (49201)

Christian Lawhorn of Albion (49224)

Isabel Snyder of Albion (49224)


Emma Essen* of Blissfield (49228)

Devon Mayse* of Britton (49229)

Cullen Haelser* of Clinton (49236)

Jakob Roberts of Concord (49237)

Molly Renfroe of Homer (49245)


Thomas Stevens of Horton (49546)

Hailey Willett* of Leslie (49251)

Kassondra Crosby of North Adams (49262)

Kory Slaby of Parma (49269)

Dillon Cooper* of Pittsford (49271)


Kyle Bryson of Rives Junction (49277)

Zoe Feighner of Rives Junction (49277)

Eli Westers of Rives Junction (49277)

Jordan Richmond* of Spring Arbor (49283)

Grant Arras of Springport (49284)


Austin Ward of Springport (49284)

Andrew Merfeld* of Waldron (49288)

Cody Oracz of Alto (49302)

Meghan Hatchew* of Big Rapids (49307)

Jillian Nickels of Byron Center (49315)


Gunnar Aper of Cedar springs (49319)

Samantha Lewis of Dorr (49323)

James Collins of Lowell (49331)

Brooke Strugeon of Morley (49336)

Nicolas Guerra of Rockford (49341)


Paul Sawaya of Stanwood (49346)

Blake Siersema of Fremont (49412)

Nicole Zerfas* of Fremont (49412)

Magdalen Maat of Holland (49423)

Brianna Kikendall of Holland (49423)


Bryan Plesner of Jenison (49428)

Forrest Courtright of Mears (49436)

Julianna Carter of Muskegon (49444)

Sydney Tharp of Muskegon (49444)

Justin Steigenga of Spring Lake (49456)


Nickolas Taylor of Twin Lake (49457)

Talen Schallhorn* of West Olive (49460)

Kaytlin Morris of Grand Rapids (49501)

Isabelle Leon of Grand Rapids (49501)

Ty Rozema* of Wyoming (49509)


Alyssa Monterusso* of Grand Rapids (49546)

Victoria Monterusso* of Grand Rapids (49546)

Nathanael Roberts of Grand Rapids (49546)

Thomas Hall of Fife Lake (49633)

Chase Cavric of Traverse City (49643)


Devin Blue* of Traverse City (49684)

Sheldon Berry of Traverse City (49686)

Allyson Schultz* of Traverse City (49686)

Kali Hancock of Cheboygan (49721)

Elizabeth Schott of Cheboygan (49721)


Emily Dorn* of Lewiston (49756)

Mari Hibbler of Petoskey (49770)

Aiden Holliday of Petoskey (49770)

Linnea Brege* of Rogers City (49779)

Hannah Cook of Sault Saint Marie (49783)


Jacquelyn Harwood of Sault Saint Marie (49783)




Hunter Teare of Trumbul, CT (06880)

Collin Walker of LaPorte, IN (46350)

Amanda Gruszka of Lowell, IN (46356)

Troy Pickard of Goshen, IN (46774)

Ricardo Canales of New Haven, IN (46774)


Jakeup Stuller of Fort Wayne, IN (46805)

Keri Hettinger of Joliet, IL (60433)

Reno Sims of Florence, AZ (85123)

Amber Hamad of Peoria, AZ (85382)

Jason Cabugos of Vallejo, CA (94589)


Dominique Giroux of Windsor, Ontario (N9G 1Z8)

Racheal Durocher of LaSalle, Ontario (N9J 2M3)

Michael Brait of Lakeshore, Ontario (NOR IAO)

Matthew Henderson of Liverpool, England

Alistair Law of Blackburn, England



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