Olivet College CARES: Staff Expectations During Two-Week Remote Instruction

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Dear Staff,
We are grateful to you for the care and concern you give our students and each other. Thank you for all you are doing, particularly now, as we once again fight the COVID-19 pandemic together by pivoting to remote instruction beginning Monday, September 28.
The College remains open for business as usual. We must be readily available to support our students, particularly during what is likely to be a stressful time for them.
Olivet College asks staff that can work remotely from home to do so. If you have transitioned back to campus and do not have an essential role in the health, safety or residential living areas of the College, please discuss with your supervisor whether you should transition to remote work during the two weeks of remote instruction or if you are needed on campus. The fewer people coming and going from campus daily will be a significant factor in helping us to flatten the curve of new COVID-19 cases.
If you remain on campus to work, please adhere to the following required guidelines:

  • Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth at all times when not in your private office – particularly when talking to others (that is not the time to pull your mask down).
  • Physically distance from others by at least six feet, indoors and outdoors.
  • Complete the required daily health and temperature check.
  • Report if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms or if you have come in to contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Conduct all meetings by Zoom, email or phone.
  • Limit vendor access to campus.
  • Hold each other accountable. Respectfully ask others to wear their mask properly and to distance themselves properly. Encourage others to complete the daily health check.

If you have any questions about work expectations during this two-week pause in in-person instruction, please reach out to your immediate supervisor or me.
When Olivet College comes together – even when physically distanced – we do great things. One of the greatest things we do is to care for one another by showing patience and kindness during this stressful time. That’s what makes us family.
Terri Glasgow
Director of Human Resources


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