Olivet College Launches Women’s Leadership Initiative

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Cultivating Women Leaders: Embracing Our Inner Strength

Olivet College is proud to present Cultivating Women Leaders: Embracing Our Inner Strength, an annual event designed to inspire and equip young women to embrace their inner strength and realize their potential as responsible leaders. The event comes as part of the Presidential Women’s Leadership Initiative, chaired by Presidential Spouse Traci Corey.

“I believe the best way to create a better future for our young women is to present them with meaningful opportunities to learn and grow in a way that encourages them to self-advocate,” said Corey, pictured right. To see positive change, Corey knows that the issues women face must be addressed head-on and that working together is the best way to make a difference.

The purpose of the event, to be held on Olivet’s campus on March 3, 2017, is to provide current and prospective female students of the college the necessary tools and resources needed to establish them as leaders for today and the future. These young women will be given the opportunity to network and receive professional and personal development from Olivet College’s most successful alumnae, as well as Michigan’s finest women business leaders, as they learn how to overcome the obstacles and challenges that are ever present in today’s communities and workplace.

Nearly 175 years ago, Olivet College’s founders believed that education should be available to all, regardless of gender, race, religion or financial means. This is evidenced not only in Olivet’s rich history of graduating three women in the midst of the Civil War in 1863 but today through strong female leadership on our board of trustees, faculty and administration.

Today the college continues to be committed to inclusivity and to impact the lives of young people, especially young women, in a myriad of ways. This exclusive event will add to the education of current students and allow prospective students to experience just one of the many advantages of attending Olivet College.

“I’m so grateful to have the ability to attend a college where my professors care about my academics now but also my life beyond college,” said CWL Planning Committee member and senior Kori Ramirez, pictured left. “As a woman, Olivet College has always pushed me to be the best student, contributor and now leader that I can be. I am confident that my time here has prepared me to overcome any obstacle that is thrown my way. That’s a comforting feeling.”

The daylong event will consist of multiple breakout sessions, with expert-led discussions on topics including effective communication skills, addressing and overcoming stereotypes, resume building, personal financial planning and other professional leadership skills. There will also be an Olivet College alumnae panel and keynote speaker, two-time Olympic silver medalist Danielle Scott-Arruda.

Learn more and register for Olivet College’s Cultivating Women Leaders event.


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