Olivet College

RN-BSN Program Curriculum

The RN to BSN program consists of 14 upper division nursing courses. The courses will be delivered in the following cycle, allowing working professionals to complete the program in five semesters (which includes one summer) through enrollment on a part-time basis.

Year 1


1st Semester2nd SemesterSummer
NUR 320 Applied Statistics and Research Methods (4 credits)NUR 330 Nursing Management and Leadership (3 credits)NUR 360 Critical Analysis of Pharmacology and Pathophysiology (5 credits)
NUR 310 Bioethics (3 credits)NUR 331 Nursing Management and Leadership Practicum (1 credit)NUR 499 Nursing Seminar (1 credit)
NUR 499 Nursing Seminar (1 credit)NUR 340 Nursing Research (3 credits)


Year 2


3rd Semester4th Semester
NUR 410 Community Health and Diverse Populations (4 credits)NUR 430 The Art and Culture of Nursing (4 credits)
NUR 411 Community Health and Diverse Populations Practicum (2 credits)NUR 440 Nursing Senior Capstone (3 credits)
NUR 420 Healthcare Informatics (3 credits)NUR 431 Nursing Capstone Practicum (1 credit)