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Graduate Admissions

MBA Admissions Requirements

The admission process reflects Olivet College’s efforts to clearly identify the performance standards that can help predict student success in graduate level study. Requirements for admission emphasize academic ability, contributory work experience, and personal qualities and characteristics, and include having earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. Should the cumulative GPA for the bachelor’s degree be lower than a 2.75 on a 4.0 scale, a graduate entrance exam may be required (see note below).

Recognition of Earned Credits

The Olivet College MBA is tailored to accomplished professionals and recognizes the value of your experience.

The Olivet College MBA program recognizes that MBA students may demonstrate mastery of select course content through graduate coursework or through professional designations such as CPCU®, CPA®, CFA®, or FRM®. As many as twelve credits may be waived or transferred. Applications for course waivers and transfer credits are accepted following admittance into the MBA program.

Do you have a CPCU designation?

You could be halfway to earning your MBA:

  • Up to 12 graduate credits (four courses) may be transferred with the CPCU designation from The Institutes.
  • The GMAT requirement is waived for individuals holding the CPCU designation.
  • Maximum number of transfer credits accepted is 12.
Application Process

To be eligible for admission consideration, applicants to the Olivet College MBA program must submit the following materials:

  • A formal application through the college’s online application system.
  • An official transcript indicating completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited undergraduate institution with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale. *
  • Two letters of recommendation sent directly from the reviewer to Olivet College discussing the applicant’s ability, talent, and aptitude for graduate study.
  • A personal essay discussing applicant’s commitment to professional growth and development through the graduate program and discussing the applicant’s ability, talent, and aptitude for graduate study.
  • *Should the cumulative GPA for the bachelor’s degree be lower than a 2.75 on a 4.0 scale, an official GMAT or GRE score or waiver request as discussed below, which will be evaluated in conjunction with other preparedness materials.

Waiver of GMAT or GRE

Applicants may request a waiver of the GMAT or GRE requirement if he or she qualifies either academically or professionally by meeting either of the following two conditions:

  • Applicant has a minimum of two years of post-baccalaureate professional experience or US military experience; or
  • Applicant has earned professional designations such as CPCU®, CPA®, CFA®.
  • Academic waivers may be granted in cases where courses in undergraduate business or other graduate programs have been completed.
Application Checklist

You must complete and mail the following for consideration.

  • An online application.
  • Official transcript(s) directly from other educational institutions documenting both undergraduate GPA and graduate credits earned.
  • Official CPCU transcripts from The Institutes or Graduate Management Admissions Test score.
  • Letters of recommendation mailed directly to the Office of Admissions from two professionals or academics who can comment on your abilities, talents and aptitude for graduate study.

Upon completing the online application, mail the above directly to:

Olivet College
Mike Lazusky, Director of Adult Professional and Graduate Programs
320 S. Main St.
Olivet, MI 49076

Your application will be reviewed when all materials are received.

Contact Mike Lazusky, director of adult professional and graduate programs, via email or by phone at 269-749-6612.