Criminal Justice


About the Program

Olivet’s criminal justice program enables graduates to pursue responsible careers in law enforcement and corrections, emphasizing crime prevention and the reduction of violence in our society. You’ll develop a deep sense of social justice and responsibility by examining the causes of violence and crime, including moral and social processes, while taking into accounts the role of pathology, socialization, employment and community support.

Professionally Focused

Our instructors have decades of combined professional experience in police work, prisons, crime scene investigation and more. As a juniors or senior, you are able to enroll in an accredited police academy and receive credit toward your Olivet degree.

Choose Your Path

At Olivet College, 100% of criminal justice students complete an internship, helping to build your resume and make you career-ready. Criminal justice students have two tracks of study to choose from:

  • Law enforcement
  • Corrections

Careers in Criminal Justice

  • FBI Agent

    FBI Agents fill a variety of roles, including testifying in federal court, executing a search warrant, gathering evidence or making an arrest. Some agents work in specialized areas across the FBI such as training, fingerprinting, lab services and public affairs.

  • Crime Lab Analyst

    Crime lab analysts collect, identify, classify and process evidence collected from crime scenes. They use this evidence to help investigators identify the methods used to commit crimes, the types of materials present and possible suspects.

  • Parole Officer

    Parole Officers are officials appointed to investigate, report on and supervise the conduct of convicted offenders on parole. They help to promote the correction and rehabilitation of criminal offenders.

  • Drug Enforcement Administration Agent

    DEA agents dismantle organizations involved in controlled substance growing, manufacturing and distribution by closing trafficking rings, prosecuting drug traffickers and destroying the crime financial infrastructure.

Courses in the Program

CJ 240 - Psychology of Incarceration
CJ 360 - Criminal Investigations
CJ 430 - Crime Scene Investigations
CJ 440 - Defense Tactics/Physical Training
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