About the Program

Olivet’s music program offers multiple options for you to attain a fulfilling and rewarding career in music. Our curriculum is developed in conjunction with national standards and will support students who desire to continue their musical training at the graduate level.

Many students choose to combine their music major with various minors or other majors found at Olivet College to offer them the chance to pursue exciting and satisfying careers in various fields.


Students are welcome to participate in a variety of music programs on campus, including:

  • College Choir 
  • Chamber Singers 
  • Women’s Chorale 
  • Gospel Choir 
  • Wind Ensemble 
  • Chamber Ensemble 
  • Marching Comets Athletic Band 
  • Jazz Ensemble

The Margaret Upton Conservatory of Music

As the home of our music program, the conservatory has numerous practice rooms, vocal and instrumental rehearsal halls, a 123-seat recital hall and a computer-equipped electronic music/MIDI recording and music composition studio.

Music Scholarships

Interested music majors can audition for up to $3,000 in annual scholarship awards. Students who plan to major in another area, but are interested in participating in Olivet’s music ensembles are also eligible to apply for scholarships.

Careers in Music

  • Studio Manager

    A studio manager oversees the operations of broadcasting, photography or music studios. They are responsible for hiring staff, setting rates for clients who wish to use their studio for recording purposes, and maintaining and updating studio equipment.

  • Sound Engineer

    Sound Engineers work as a part of a record company to help rearrange and create instrumental tracks that match the vocal arrangements to create the desired song or effect.

  • Theatre Manager

    A theatre manager oversees the operations of a production company or a particular venue. They are expected to acquire funding for theatrical productions, develop and implement marketing tactics to spread awareness about upcoming productions, and oversee site maintenance.

  • Music Director

    A music director is responsible for overseeing the audition and rehearsing process of a band or orchestra before leading a group of musicians in a performance setting.

Courses in the Program

MUS 141 - Piano Class
MUS 214 - Aural Skill
MUS 322 - Comprehensive Music History
MUS 311 - Form and Analysis
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