Soccer and Accounting — The Perfect Combination for Sophomore Andrew Waller

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For sophomore Andrew Waller, accounting and soccer are the perfect combination in his college journey. Close relationships with teammates and professors, real-world experience and travel opportunities are a few other reasons why he enjoys life as a Comet.
“I am from Warren, and it is urbanized versus the rural area here,” Andrew said. “I chose Olivet because it felt like home away from home during a visit, and I enjoyed the different environment and change in scenery versus how life was back home. I also received a great offer to play soccer.”
As a sophomore, Andrew only has one full season of soccer under his belt after COVID-19 changed the scene for fall sports. While Andrew hasn’t gotten to compete this year, his passion for the game hasn’t changed.
“My first year was good being on the soccer team — I already made a ton of memories and relationships with the guys,” Andrew said. “This year, although our season has been delayed, I am more excited than ever with the new coaches and a deep roster to stay competitive. My coaches push me and encourage me to work hard and become the best version of myself that I can be.”
In the classroom, Andrew also enjoys close relationships with his professors, finding a natural fit in the accounting program.
“I chose accounting because I have always been a numbers type of person; it is almost like a second language,” he said. “After I graduate, I want to see myself become a CPA for a firm or maybe start my own accounting firm. I am passionate about this field because I enjoy it — it is something I like to do and feel confident in. With Olivet’s small class sizes, it is easy to get to know your professors and for them to get to know you. It makes it so much better when asking for help or asking questions.
“One experience that sticks out to me is a trip with the accounting program last year. We went on a day trip to Chicago for one of our seminar days, and we got to visit the National Bank and Treasury. It was really interesting and overall a great trip.”
Andrew says that hard work, discipline and humility are his keys to success both in soccer and in his major.
“I would encourage a high school student to attend Olivet because of how home-like campus is,” Andrew said. “Classes are small and it makes it easy to build relationships with professors to get more help. Everyone is here to help you succeed. My experience as a Comet has made me who I am today – a friendlier and humbler version of myself than I was before. At Olivet, there are so many different students with different backgrounds, and you never know what someone is going through or struggling with. I have made friends and memories that get me through each week and teammates to help me become a better athlete and a better person to this day.”
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