Sophomore Andrew Sadler — Using His Voice to Stand Out

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You may recognize sophomore Andrew Sadler from his successful radio show, “Sadler’s Selections” broadcasted on WOCR, OC’s student-led radio station. With a goal to work in radio and voice acting, Andrew is preparing for a successful future while at Olivet College.
“I chose Olivet College because it was close to home and seemed more accessible compared to other options we were looking at, both in terms of cost and the size of the community,” Andrew said. “In addition, my brother, Austin Sadler, went to Olivet College for his degree in exercise science. He was able to explain the ins and outs of college to me, as well as what the overall environment of Olivet College was like.”
While Andrew was first drawn to a different program, he has since found his fit in the journalism and mass communication major (JMC) — the perfect pair to his media passions.
“I am involved with WOCR, where I host my radio show, ‘Sadler’s Selections.’ I decided to join because of the career path I decided to follow , as well as encouragement from professors in the journalism and mass communication major,” Andrew said. “Hosting a radio show of my own is actually a lot easier than I first anticipated it to be. I planned every episode out in a little notebook, downloaded the songs I wanted to play, set myself up in the studio and got to work. By the time I did a few episodes and got into the swing of things, I was able to open up a little bit and appear more energetic to my peers.”
Andrew is particularly thankful for the support of Joanne Williams, associate professor of journalism and mass communication. She helped him find his fit in the JMC program and encourages him to follow his heart and chase his dreams.
“Every professor I have met at Olivet College has been very personable,” Andrew said. “They don’t just feel like older people treating their students like numbers; they feel like real, genuine people who you can talk to and hang out with. In particular, Professor Williams has been such a massive help for me. Not only has she been a phenomenal academic adviser, but I feel like I can talk to her about any problem I may be having, and she’d be able to help me through it.”
Andrew’s first impression of Olivet College still rings true today. He is a part of a close community that has supported him to learn and grow.
“If I hadn’t have become a Comet, I wouldn’t have my own radio show,” Andrew said. “I have learned so many skills from my experience as a journalism and mass communication major that it almost feels surreal. I never thought I’d have an experience quite like going to Olivet College. Just last semester, we had to transition to a virtual learning environment from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, as a community, we’ve been standing strong and hopping over these challenges. I hope to keep this up as time goes on, no matter what challenges life may throw our way.”
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