Campus Housing

Residential life at Olivet College is fun, comfortable, convenient, safe, inclusive and respectful, creating a welcoming community you’ll call home.

A Deeply Engaged Community

For Olivet College students, your collegiate experience includes a residential, immersive living experience. Living in a community with people from all corners of the United States and beyond is exciting and adventurous. The friends you make and the experiences you share will become memories you’ll treasure your entire life.

Residence hall living at Olivet College provides students with a unique experience that fosters success and independence during their college years. You will have an opportunity to interact with persons of diverse backgrounds whose cultures, attitudes and ideals may or may not be the same as yours. And that’s okay. We believe that a residential college experience will help you grow into a well-informed person and one who will be able to adapt to living in a multicultural world.

Upper-level students also have the option of living in apartment-style and themed houses.

Community Living Options for Those with Shared Interestes

There are also community living options in each of the residence halls for students who share similar interests. Designated community areas include the following:

  • Emerging Leaders
  • Gender Inclusive
  • Global Citizen Honors Program
  • Health and Wellness
  • Multicultural/Diversity and Inclusion
  • Service to Others
  • Substance Free
  • Women’s Leadership Institute

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