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Building Community

Olivet College is your college, your community, your family and your home. When we speak of an Olivet College education, we connect to a well-rounded learning process that incorporates engagement experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

The Office of Student Engagement honors and respects diversity and promotes an inclusive community experience. Olivet College is a place where you are able to make friends, study, learn, grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow. We strive to help students navigate their path to becoming competent, socially just leaders who positively contribute to campus and the world.


Our Mission

We are committed to creating a Culture of Care for all students and members who engage in the Olivet College community.

Compassionate: We are motivated to help students and other members of the Olivet College community to overcome challenges and to be compassionate in our words and deeds.

Authentic: We encourage students and other members of the Olivet College community to truly embrace and be themselves — to know thyself, one must be thyself!

Respectful: We welcome and appreciate the thoughts, opinions and diverse perspectives of students and other members of the Olivet College community.

Empowering: We support an increased autonomy and self-determination of students and other members of the Olivet College community to be our best selves and to achieve their academic, personal and professional goals.


Comet Commitments

The Student Engagement Team is grounded in the following Comet Commitments:

Caring about the interests and passions of each individual student.

Celebrating diversity among the students, faculty and staff.

Challenging our students to critically explore and reflect on views from around the world.

Collaborating with other departments, organizations and the local and surrounding communities.

Connecting issues of today with the values and beliefs of Olivet College’s history.

Contributing to an inclusive, socially just and globally-conscious environment.

Cultivating real life skills to adequately prepare each student for life after Olivet College.


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