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The Echo

The Olivet College Echo is an award-winning student-run publication serving the college community since 1888.

Any student is welcome to join our staff and share their talents in photography, design, writing, editing and more. From your first days on campus, we encourage you to join and add your voice and talents to the campus mix. You can volunteer, sign up for practicum credit or apply for work study positions.

The Olivet College Echo, which is published each Friday during the academic year, seeks to provide news and information in a clear and objective manner and to offer diverse viewpoints in serving the Olivet College campus and community. A printed version of the paper is distributed across campus every week during the academic year, and may also be found on Facebook, Twitter and the web.

The Olivet College Echo is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press and the Michigan Collegiate Press Association. Students attend conferences through the Society of Professional Journalists, the Society of News Design, and other professional organizations.

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Garfield Lake Review

One of Olivet College’s proudest accomplishments is the Garfield Lake Review, an annual literary and visual arts magazine.

The Garfield Lake Review (or Garf) is a production of Olivet College students interested in creative writing, art work and music. It began in 1971 as a project in a creative writing class by Professor James Coleman, Brent Danielson, James Hudson, Andrew Johnson, Amy Leithauser, George Palmenter and Norm Wheeler.

From its inception, the policy for the Garfield Lake Review has been to accept submissions from students, staff and alumni, with students serving as an Editorial Board. Submissions are due in mid-October and the magazine is published in April of each year.

This is a student publication. The editor is selected through an interview process conducted by the Campus Media Board, and serves for one year. In that time, the editor gathers a staff, seeks submissions and then supervises the judging, editing, design and publication the magazine. It is a hands-on practicum a creative endeavor that gives students editing and management experience.

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