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Journalism & Mass Comm. Minor

The journalism and mass communication minor requires successful completion of 27 semester hours, as outlined below, with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0, and a minimum minor grade point average of 2.0.

For your convenience, below are the course descriptions for the required for Journalism & Mass Communication. For more information please visit the academic catalog.

Core Classes:
JMC 101 Introduction to Mass Communication

Overview of mass communication roles in global society, exploring books, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, film and new technologies. Emphasis on media literacy, impact and ethics.

Fall Semester.
3 semester hours.
Satisfies Global Diversity requirement.

JMC 105 Introduction to Oral Communication

Purposes, functions and methods of oral communication. Practical application of both formal and informal oral communication.

Fall and Spring Semesters.
3 semester hours.
Satisfies Global Diversity requirement.

JMC 200 Basic Reporting

Observing, reporting and writing under deadline. Story types and structures, research, writing styles and interviewing, in addition to media law and ethics.

Spring Semester.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisites: IDS 111 or instructor permission.

JMC 210 Basic Reporting II

A continuation of Basic Reporting I, advancing professional writing skills in print and all other media, including beat reporting and investigative/critical thinking skills.

Fall Semester.
3 semester hours.
Prerequisites: C or higher in IDS 111 and JMC 200.

JMC 290 Practicum in Mass Communication

Guided practical on-campus experience in mass communication production. No more than six semester hours will count toward graduation for Journalism and Mass Communication majors.

Fall and Spring Semesters.
1–6 semester hours.
Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

JMC 390 Internship

Professional experience with any appropriate communications-oriented organization. Proposed and initiated by student with approval from faculty adviser, department chair and prospective employer. Pass or Fail grade.

Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters.
3–15 semester hours.
Prerequisites: JMC 101 or chairperson permission.


Complete 9 additional semester hours of JMC electives.