Olivet College

List of Majors

Olivet College offers 31 majors and 24 minors ranging from Accounting to Sports Psychology, Journalism, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Graphic Design – and much more! Look below for our full list of majors, and find your perfect fit.


 Actuarial Science  
 Business Administration 
 Business Analysis in Insurance   
 Chemistry with Forensic Science   
 Computer Science  
 Criminal Justice  
 Environmental Science     
 Environmental Science with Environmental Education   
 Exercise Science   
 Financial Planning   
 Fitness Management  
 Graphic Design   
 Health Science   
 Insurance and Risk Management    
 Insurance Claims Investigation   
 Information Technology Management   
 Journalism and Mass Communication  
 Political Science   
 Religious Studies and Ethics   
 Social Work
 Sociology and Anthropology  
 Sports Psychology  
 Sports/Recreation Management  
 Visual Arts  
 Visual Arts Dual Discipline   
 Women’s and Gender Studies    
 Writing with Disciplinary Specialization  
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