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Arts & Humanities Faculty

Professor Laura Barlond-Maas teaches advanced composition, children’s literature, and is currently teaching Honors Seminar, a course for students in the Global Citizen’s Honors Program. She enjoys teaching novels, whether for nineteenth century literature or a course called ethnicities.

Professor Barlond-Maas leads a number of faculty development workshops at Olivet College and has developed several long-term courses such as writing across the curriculum, writing intensive courses, teaching across the curriculum, and short-term courses for faculty of all disciplines. She also facilitates a “partners in teaching” series for the provost as well as directs several special projects, such as advanced learning term and the newly revised dean’s scholars series.

Professor Barlond-Maas, a mother of five who lives in Olivet, has worked at Olivet College since 1990. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Olivet College in 1988 and a master’s degree from Vermont College of Norwich University. She served as the mayor of the City of Olivet from 2001-2005 after serving as a City Councilwoman from 1997-2001.