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The Teaching Pathway at Olivet College

As an alum and current teacher, I can tell you that the Teaching Pathway is a life-changing opportunity that allows you to pursue your dreams of teaching while continuing to experience everything Olivet College has to offer. Olivet College and the Teaching Pathway are not the standard pair, but obtaining your teaching certificate this way allows you to gain classroom experience at a quicker rate. You are able to get into multiple levels of education to really see what the best fit for you is or to decide if teaching is the best fit for you. At Olivet College, you get an individualized and unique education, so entering the Teaching Pathway program will give you more one-on-one experience and the tools to become your own type of educator.

Megan Black ’19

An innovative approach for Olivet College graduates to enter into a career in K-12 teaching.
  • This is not a traditional teacher preparation program but instead a program that coaches and mentors students to use an alternate route to teacher certification as defined by the State of Michigan to achieve their dream of becoming a teacher.
  • It consists of a comprehensive career advising strategy that combines curricular and co-curricular experiences to prepare students for admission into a State of Michigan alternative route to teacher certification program.
  • The OC Teaching Pathway experience culminates in a high-impact career-oriented internship experience.
  • Pathway options are available for first year (freshman), sophomore and first-semester junior students, including transfer students.
Explore and Prepare for a Career in Teaching
  • The Teaching Pathway experience can be combined with any of Olivet College’s 31 majors.
  • Through participation in the OC Teaching Pathway, students achieve learning outcomes that support success in a future K-12 teaching career.
  • Students will learn the fundamentals of best practices for teaching and learning for K-12 students.
  • Through the pathway, OC students will work directly with K-12 students in experiential teaching and learning activities, with a particular focus on schools and districts with a diverse student body (minimum 30% students of color and/or a minimum 40% qualifying for free or reduced lunch program).
Teaching Pathway Seminar
  • Students in the pathway take part in a weekly seminar with other Teaching Pathway students where they will:
  • Engage in specialized content in support of learning goals.
  • Receive personalized advising.
  • Take advantage of immersive and practical learning opportunities, including engaging in classroom observations, small group teaching demonstrations and mentoring opportunities with K-12 students.
What are Alternative Pathways to Teacher Certification?
  • Michigan’s alternative pathways to teacher certification were designed for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree but who did not complete a teacher preparation program who want to enter the field of teaching in the State of Michigan.
  • Candidates are eligible for enrollment in an alternative route program if they meet the following criteria:
    • minimum of bachelor’s degree;
    • a cohort grade point average of 3.0 on 4.0 scale;
    • passage of the appropriate discipline area Michigan Test(s) for Teacher Certification;
    • CPR/First Aid certification; and
    • criminal background check.
  • After completing three years of successful teaching with an interim teaching certificate and completing the program of an approved provider, individuals are eligible for the standard Michigan teaching certificate.
  • There is an additional cost for participation in the alternative route training program after graduation from OC, but you are also working as a teacher during the training.
  • This rigorous, accelerated preparation program is guided by State of Michigan law, administrative rules and teacher preparation program standards.
  • Click here to find out more about approved State of Michigan alternative route to teacher certification providers. 

There’s a purposeful effort to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers across the country. Our work with Olivet College can only place Pennfield Schools on the cutting edge of being innovative and strategic with this partnership. The Olivet College Teacher Pathway is an alternative route to certification for college students to join a career that offers huge rewards in public service. Our school district can offer a great on-site integrated training opportunity for college students and ultimately become a teacher in our great school district. This is a once in a lifetime experience to learn from some highly qualified teachers in a caring and supportive school district. Our work with Olivet College Teacher Pathway will become one of the elite programs recognized in the Midwest.

Kevin Simmons

Superintendent, Pennfield Schools