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Olivet College is offering summer classes for students who have committed to attending OC this fall. Check out these amazing opportunities that you can take advantage of this summer once you submit your enrollment deposit!

For just $450*, you can get an edge on your transition from high school to college by taking one OC class listed below through our online Fast Track program or Fast Track PLUS combined on-campus and online learning experience this summer while earning valuable college credits.

Not only will you earn valuable college credits, you’ll also get to know other students, build a relationship with an OC professor and get a feel for what your college experience will be in the fall.

To be eligible to take the class for $450 experience you must have deposited for fall enrollment at Olivet College. If you’ve already deposited, that’s great! If not, no worries – you still have time. Simply click here to deposit online.

Comet Fast Track Program

Launch your Olivet College experience with a fully online summer course at half the cost of a single credit of tuition!

  • Classes start on June 3 and end on July 29.
  • Build connections with your professor and fellow students and earn college credits before the fall semester starts!
  • Fast Track is open to high school seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for the low cost of $450 per course.
  • Registration deadline is May 28.
  • Fast Track courses available to new Olivet College students for Summer 2021 include:
    • CS 110 Computer Information Systems (3 credits) – This is a required course for all business majors.
    • HHP 250 Nutrition (3 credits) – An excellent choice for exercise science and pre-med students.
    • MTH 130 College Algebra (4 credits) – Why not meet your college quantitative analysis requirement this summer by taking college algebra online while it is fresh in your mind?
    • BIO 211/213 Human Anatomy (with lab) (4 total credits) – Great for pre-med, pre-nursing and health science students (must score a 4 or 5 on AP Biology exam or have had a college-level intro cell bio course).

Contact your Olivet College admission counselor or email the Office of Admission for more information and to see if you qualify for the OC Fast Track Program.

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity — enrollment is limited.

Fast Track PLUS

The OC Fast Track PLUS program is a combined on-campus and online learning experience that allows you to complete a course and launch your Olivet College journey with a fun and fast-paced five-day residential experience.

  • The on-campus experience begins the evening of June 24 (move in that afternoon) and ends on June 29 (leave in the afternoon), with the at-home online learning experience wrapping up on July 29.
  • Class, book, housing and meals are included for just $450.
  • Registration deadline is June 11.
  • Meet and get to know other new students and an OC professor before classes start in the fall!
  • Participate in recreational activities, fun events, career exploration and other engaging opportunities on campus.
  • Stay connected with your new friends and prof online and finish your Fast Track PLUS OC course for credit from home.
  • Combine your Fast Track PLUS program with your New Student Orientation experience for maximum impact!
  • Fast Track PLUS Courses
    • ​​​IDS EXP-01 Environment and Nature Writing (1 credit) – Conservationists and creatives alike are inspired by the wonders of nature. Students will dive into examples of classic and contemporary nature and environment-inspired works, learn and practice writing techniques, and spend time outdoors to compose original pieces.
    • IDS EXP-02 American Horror Stories: Short Fiction from Poe to Kiernan (1 credit) – We’ll survey some of America’s scariest stories to talk about what keeps you awake at night – and how these fears are distinctly American.
    • IDS EXP-03 Smartphone Videography [or Mobile Storytelling] (1 credit) – Learn to share video stories from wherever you are using nothing but your smartphone! Students will discuss and practice the key fundamentals of planning, shooting and editing mobile video through a variety of activities, group video shoots and more.
    • IDS EXP-04 Transitions: How to Make the Most of Your Big Life Changes (1 credit) – Through examination of Life Course Theory, discussion, experiential activities and journaling, students will explore and prepare for big life transitions such as attending college, starting a new job or entering into new relationships.
    • IDS EXP-05 Sports in Film (1 credit) – Many movies have been made over the last 50 years with sports at the center of the plot, some true stories and others fictional. We’ll view and discuss several sports films and write about how these films influence our culture and what they tell us about the society in which we live.
  • So that we may best serve you, please select your first and second choice of courses for the Fast Track PLUS program.

If you have any questions about these exciting opportunities or your admission to Olivet College, email the Office of Admission or call 800-456-7189.

Don’t slow down. Get on your mark, get set and … GO COMETS!

*Students will pay $450 to register for the class. Upon matriculating full-time at Olivet College this fall, the grade and credits will be added to the student’s transcript. The credit is fully transferrable to another institution should something not work out and students decide not to enroll at Olivet in the fall; however, non-enrolling students will be required to pay the full price of $905 for a one-credit ccourse, $2,715 for a three-credit course or $3,620 for a four-credit course in order to transfer the course credit to another institution. There will be no additional cost beyond the registration fee for students who enroll full-time at Olivet in the fall semester.