Olivet College

OC Admissions Reps

Andrea Terry has more than 20 years working in admissions, career services and academic advising in college and universities across the nation. She earned her bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and communications and her master’s degree in student affairs administration.

“I LOVE college admissions because I enjoy working with people and I appreciate that education brings people from so many backgrounds together. I have always told students and parents that the one thing nobody can ever take away from you is your education – money will come and go, material goods will come and go, even people in your life will come and go; but an education will always be there and can open so many doors for you and connect you to so many wonderful opportunities and so many incredible people,” Andrea explained.

Andrea launched her career as the assistant director of admissions at the University of Oregon in 1994. There, she focused on supporting the role alumni play in recruitment. Next, Andrea transitioned to admissions specialist at the Florida System of Community Colleges where she gained experience working with transfer students. During the time she was pursuing her master’s degree, Andrea served in several graduate assistant and practicum roles including in the Office of Admissions.

In 2001, Andrea transitioned once again to a full-time admissions counselor at Michigan State University. There, she focused on recruitment for the College of Business and also played roles with transfer students and on a scholarship committee. Andrea served in three more roles at MSU – assistant director of admissions, academic adviser for MSU College of Business and lead admissions reader for MSU College of Business. As the director of admissions, she developed recruitment strategies, led 18 staff members and was responsible for admission of all student-athletes. As an academic adviser, Andrea upheld a support system for 500 undergraduate students. In her role as lead admissions reader, she handled more than 2,500 applications to the MSU College of Business.

Most recently, Andrea worked as an independent college admissions adviser for students and families entering the process of selecting a college. She used her past experience to develop individualized approaches for college search strategies for each of the students she worked with.

“I was drawn to Olivet because of the opportunity to work closely with students and the relationships that can be built with students, parents, staff, faculty and the Olivet College community,” Andrea said. “I like that the Compact is something that everyone at Olivet talks about and is the foundation for everyone’s development and growth at the college. I have always told students that they need to be their own best advocate in college and I believe that the Olivet Compact encourages that to happen for all students.”