Olivet College

OC Admissions Reps

Ferdinand “Ferd” Sanders joined the admissions team in the fall of 2017. He graduated in 2014 from a small, private, liberal arts college in Michigan with a degree in worship ministry. Over the past three years, Ferd has shaped his career working with students and young minds through a variety of roles in churches and higher education.

“I was drawn to Olivet College because I am a firm believer in the education and experience that is offered at small liberal arts institution,” Ferd explained. “I am also a firm believer in personal responsibility, and love the overall accountability and challenge that is found within the College Compact. When lived out, each statement of the Compact plays a part in changing the world for the better.”

Most recently, Ferd served as the worship director at the Farmington Hills Campus of Woodside Bible Church. There, he developed strong leadership and communication skills, while also producing videos and managing budgets. In a previous role, Ferd worked as a resident director at a college in Indiana for two years. Ferd supervised over 100 male freshman residents and had many one-on-one mentoring interactions. He also managed the residence hall budget, planned meetings and events, and led nine student leadership staff members.

Recognizing the importance of higher education and the impact he can have on students, Ferd knows working as an admissions rep at Olivet College will give him the chance to help students launch a successful career by building a strong foundation as a Comet.

“I believe higher education validates the commitment, hard work and dedication to a specific field of study that would separate a college graduate within a group,” Ferd said. “A liberal arts education provides an opportunity for a student to become well-rounded in their education by having courses and experiences in a variety of fields. Rather than just becoming a master of their field, a liberal arts education equips students to also become a jack of all trades, further setting them apart.”

Ferd met his wife, Courtney, while in college and the pair married in the summer of 2015. The Sanders welcomed their first daughter, Libby, in the fall of 2016. In addition, he is a Detroit sports fan through thick and thin, and would love to see the Lions make it past the first round of the playoffs. Ferd loves discovering new music and enjoys connecting with others based on shared tastes.

Ferd said, “I am excited and passionate about working in admissions because of the opportunities to serve students during the very first steps of their college career. I am most eager to build relationships with students and to work with them during such an exciting and life changing process!”