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Clubs & Organizations

Olivet College students lead and participate in more than 45 clubs and organizations! There’s a little something for everyone… but we’re happy to help you launch your own group! Stop by the Office of Student Engagement conveniently located in room 208 of the Mott Academic Center.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? There’s no “red tape” at Olivet College. Contact the Office of Student Engagement at 269.749.7607 to inquire about starting your own group.


These clubs are active or inactive based on student interest and involvement each semester. For more information about any of the following clubs or organizations, please stop by the Student Engagement Office in the Mott Academic Center.

Alpha Omega/FCA
Takes an interest in the mental, emotional and spiritual development of believers and how the believer can improve their walk with Christ.

The Olivet College Barbell Club
Established for individuals who want to get serious about weightlifting and want to learn how to lift weights correctly.

The Black Student Union
Founded in 1994, BSU is a recognized organization of the Student Government Association that is open to all students, staff, and faculty. Our Mission: Responsibly promote knowledge of inclusion on the Olivet College Campus along with positive change in concert with the values included in the Olivet College Compact.

College Against Cancer
Focused on four strategic: advocacy, cancer education, Relay For Life, and survivorship.

Computing Machinery
Education in programming languages and general computing knowledge’s, outreach to the community in ways that give back to the community, promote a positive attitude among community and the student body of Olivet College toward computers and computer science.

Disability Rights Council
Advocate for a campus that is more accessible to student with disabilities. The organization will raise awareness for things that people in the disability community face in America and around the world.

Engineering Club
The purpose of this club is to satisfy an interest within students involving engineering. Students at Olivet College can come to Engineering Club to have fun, learn, and make connections that will help them with their curriculum here at Olivet and their futures.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Established to use the medium of athletics to impact the word of Christ. The organization focuses on serving the local community by equipping, empowering and encouraging its members to make a difference.

Free Yo’ Mind
A creative arts program that provides an outlet for the campus community to express themselves artistically. Its vision is to build campus unity and enlightenment. The Free Yo’ Mind Creative Arts Mentoring Program is directed toward mentoring local youth in the areas of self-awareness, performing arts and artistic appreciation.

Gay Straight Alliance
Gay Straight Alliance was established to increase awareness of sexual orientation issues in and around Olivet College and to provide a supportive and egalitarian atmosphere for members of our community, regardless of sexual orientation.

The Guild
Established to bring members of the student community together to build friendships through games and activities such as, but not limited to, table top gaming, various card games (magic, The gathering, Munchkin, etc.), and board games.

International Club 
Established to serve as a bridge between cultures, increasing acceptance and understanding toward people of different backgrounds and ethnic origins.

Medical Association of Pre-Med Students (MAPS)
Dedicated to supporting currents and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and conscious physicians.

National Organization for Women (NOW)
Campus affiliate open to all campus women and men, NOW strives to educate and empower women in the areas of economic justice, women’s rights, violence against women, LGBT issues, and reproduction rights.

The Newman Society
Serving Olivet College’s Catholic students. We hold a Service of Holy Communion every week on campus during the regular spring and fall semesters. The Newman Society is a place to support, maintain, and grow faith in the Catholic tradition. We are affiliated with the Diocese of Lansing and the Lansing Catholic Campus Ministry Association (LCCMA).

Non-Trad Club
Established for nontraditional students to connect with each other to form friendships and support each other in a positive ways in order to maximize a successful college experience.

OC Golden Z Club
A support group established to help students become productive members of the college community while promoting Christianity, diversity, character building and individual and social responsibility.

OC Sustainability
Created to establish campus-wide recycling at Olivet and work with the faculty, students, and physical plant to maintain recycling. The organization will work to promote awareness’s and practices on campus to establish a more sustainable environment.

Olivet College Veterans’ Advocates
Established in 2012, this group advocates, promotes, and supports the concerns and issues of military and veteran members of the Olivet College student body. Provides a voice for military and veteran students in student councils and government and to the Olivet College administration.

The Residence Hall Association
RHA is the representative voice for students in the campus residence halls. As a governing body, RHA seeks to provide programs and activities for the campus community, develop and implement policies and procedures pertaining to the residence hall environment, provide opportunities for discussion on college-related matters, including food-service, facilities and administrative policy. Furthermore, RHA seeks to establish relationships with non-traditional students, Greeks and the college community. While establishing strong community development and traditions, RHA provides an excellent opportunity for leadership and lasting friendships.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Established to follow the guidelines set forth by the NCAA, which is the college’s governing body for athletics. This committee allows the college’s student-athletes to have a voice in matters that pertain to them.

Student Government Association (SGA)
The representative voice for the student body, SGA promotes the welfare, protects the rights and represents the opinions of Olivet students. SGA also seeks to establish relationships between students, staff, faculty and administrators.

University Partnership Program
A pre-professional organization dedicated to the success of its members. The UPP provides career and professional development opportunities in financial services for its members at Olivet College.

Washington Gladden Society
A club that focuses on education and volunteer work dealing with social issues such as homelessness, domestic violence, and animal cruelty.

Our mission is to help create a bicycle friendly campus to promote a more physically and environmentally friendly community.

The Xicano Club
Raises awareness of the Hispanic culture. This club will consist of community service and activities that will expose students to this interesting culture.

Professional and Honor Societies

Your academic advisor can assist you if you are interested in joining a professional or honor society related to your major.

Alpha Pi Upsilon
Honor society for pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-veterinary and other professional health related majors.

The Alpha Alpha Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma
A national award-winning student organization established to bring together people interested in the fields of insurance, risk management and financial planning.

Global Citizen Honors Program Scholarships
Each year, students can compete for various scholarship awards – including a full tuition scholarship and numerous additional scholarships – through an essay contest and interviews with Olivet College faculty. Learn more about GCHP.

Marketing and Advertising Club 
Established to provide opportunities for professional development and networking in the fields of marketing and advertising.

Omicron Delta Kappa
The national leadership honor society for upperclassmen exhibiting superior scholarship, leadership, character and participation in the following: athletics, campus government, campus/community service, creative/performing arts, journalism/speech/mass communications and social/religious activities.

Phi Alpha Theta
Honor society for history.

Phi Beta Lambda
Honor society for business majors and minors.

Phi Epsilon Kappa
Recognizes students in the areas of physical education, health, recreation, dance, human performance, exercise science, sports medicine and sports management.

Psi Chi
An international honor society for psychology majors.

Sigma Tau Delta
Honor society for English majors.

Sigma Zeta
National honor society for mathematics, science and computer science majors.

Academic Clubs and Organizations

For more information about any of the following academic department–specific clubs or organization, please speak with your advisor or stop by the Office of Student Life in the Mott Academic Center.

The Accounting Student Organization
Provides students interested in the fields of accounting and finance professional development and service opportunities.

The American Chemical Society/Gruen Chemistry Society
Provides students with an environment that actively strives to promote chemistry and expand the community’s knowledge about the subject. The chapter is a resource for avid chemistry students as well as a safe haven for students who are simply interested in the field.

Art Alliance
Established to promote artistic awareness on campus, in the surrounding communities and for those who are interested in the arts.

Association for Women in Mathematics
AWM is an organization founded to encourage women to study and pursue careers in the mathematical sciences, and to promote equal opportunity and treatment of women in the mathematical sciences.

Established to provide environmental programs for the campus and community, sponsor field trips, attend environmental conferences and seminars, volunteer at the annual Michigan Crane Festival and participate in the campus recycling program and the habitat restoration efforts at the college’s biological preserve.

The Olivet College Gospel Choir
A student organization that provides a diverse opportunity to give praise through song to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The choir also has additional ministries that include Prayz N’ Motion (praise dance, mime and sign ministry), Prayz (praise team), poetry, rapping, stepping, greeters and ushers.

Established for students who are excited about math to learn different strategies for math competitions and provide community service through tutoring.

Middle Ground
Established to enhance the lives of foster youth who are aging out of the foster care system by preparing them for the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Psych Club
Dedicated to promoting the study of psychology, providing educational enrichment, promoting personal development, and providing service to the campus and community.

Science Club
Established to enlighten students about science, including modern concepts, research and career opportunities as well as to educate, encourage and assist members to explore and expand their own scientific interests.

Society of Hosford Scholars
Established to encourage its members in academic matters and to focus on the goal of personal fulfillment and excellence in the classroom, studio, laboratory and library.