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There may come a point in your college career when you need help with your math homework, arranging your thoughts for a particularly difficult research paper or deciphering a physics problem. The Gruen and Speare Student Resource Center was created to assist with students’ academic needs outside of the classroom. Appointments can be made to meet with tutors that specialize in specific topics, including math and writing. The service is free and available to any student on weekdays.

At Olivet College, students are sure to have the tools they need to succeed. Starting from day one, students are matched with an academic advisor personal to their program of study that will stay with them through graduation and beyond. Students typically meet with their advisors during seminar, a weekly class on Wednesdays, along with other students pursuing similar degrees. Advisors are available to assist with academic planning, career preparation, the creation of a portfolio and other needs that students may have.

For more information, please contact Joey Shepherd at 269-749-7591 or jshepherd@olivetcollege.edu.