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Grants & Scholarships

2019-2020 Academic Year Merit Awards
Academic Merit Scholarship Average GPA Average SAT/ACT Amount
Board of Trustees 3.7 1200/25 $16,000/year
Presidential 3.3 1100/22 $14,000/year
Dean’s 3.0 1000/19 $12,000/year
Shipherd 2.8 900/16 $10,000/year

100% of our students receive Olivet College aid. Contact our Admissions office via email or call 800-456-7189 to find out how much you may be eligible for!

Other Scholarships and Grants

Global Citizen Honors Program
In addition to competing for a full-tuition scholarship, Global Citizen Honors Program (GCHP) members are offered a distinct academic experience, including honors seminar, honors option courses, honors sections of Liberal Arts Core courses and the Oxford Experience. GCHP is designed for the student who wishes to continue demonstrating creativity and leadership within the framework of Individual and Social Responsibility. Invited members of GCHP are provided opportunities to investigate global, interdisciplinary issues by inquiring into the theories and philosophical underpinnings of complex social issues. Learn more

Performance and Participatory Scholarships – Varying Awards
Worth up to the full cost of tuition, fees, room and board, awards students who enrich the campus community through their involvement in talent-based participation opportunities. The amount of the scholarship varies based talent, participation and financial need. Scholarships are available for the following activities:

An application and/or audition required. Student-athletes competing in an NCAA Div III sport may participate in these programs (excluding Bowling, Competitive Cheer, Spirit Squad, STUNT and Outdoor Recreation and Clay Target Program) and are eligible to receive talent scholarships.

Comet Connections – $1,000/year
Students who have a significant relationship with an Olivet College alumna are encouraged to apply.

Kalamazoo Promise – Award based on length of attendance and residency in the Kalamazoo Public School system
The Kalamazoo Promise, a partner of Olivet College since 2014, provides scholarships for eligible graduates of the Kalamazoo Public School system. Recipients of this scholarship must be a full-time, residential student and maintain a 2.0 GPA. The amount of the award is based on the length of attendance and residency in the Kalamazoo Public School system. Graduates from Kalamazoo Central and Kalamazoo Loy Norrix are eligible to apply. Students who receive the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship are also eligible for other financial aid opportunities.

Lansing Promise – $17,216/year*
Qualified students will be awarded the Olivet College Lansing Promise Grant of $14,000 each academic year in which he or she is a full-time, residential student at Olivet College. In addition, students will receive $3,216 from the Lansing Promise Foundation each year, for the first two years of their education at Olivet.

*The total value of this grant is $56,000 over four years (Olivet College Lansing Promise Grant), plus $6,432 over two years (Lansing Promise Foundation). OC/LP scholars are also eligible for additional state and federal aid. Participating high schools are Eastern, Everett, J.W. Sexton and Lansing Catholic. To apply for the Lansing Promise, visit www.lansingpromise.org, or contact the Olivet College Admissions Office at 800.456.7189 for assistance.

New Michigander Award – up to $5,000/year
The total of this award may be up to $5,000 per year, or up to $20,000 over four years, and is given to students who are nonresidents of Michigan. Students must also have at least a 2.5 GPA to qualify. The amount varies and is renewable for up to four years.

Sibling Scholarship – $2,000/year
$2,000 per year, or up to $8,000 over four years, for families with multiple siblings enrolled during same academic year(s).

Veterans Scholarship – 50% off tuition/year
This scholarship, equal to 50% of tuition per year, is available to veterans with qualifying days of active duty service or who are currently on active duty. Veterans with required days of active duty service or who are currently on active duty including members of the National Guard or any recognized branch of the U.S. military reserve unit who qualify for VA education benefits and/or military education assistance eligibility are eligible to apply. In addition, spouses and legal dependents that provide proof of military dependency are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Renewable over four years.

Canadian Exchange – $2,000/year
A $2,000 grant to Canadian students for the current U.S. exchange rate difference.

International Student Grant – $18,000/year
Students from countries other than Canada are eligible for a grant up to $18,000. Renewable over four years.

You may be eligible for additional institutional grants and state and federal grants based on successful completion of your FAFSA. Be sure to include the Olivet College FAFSA code: 002308. Contact our Financial Aid Office anytime with questions or for help at 800-456-7189.