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Website Feedback Survey

Thank you for taking our Website Feedback Survey! We are working to gather data about what makes Olivet, Olivet. As we are in the process of redeveloping our website, we are looking for feedback on the site's usability and aesthetic.
  • Why Olivet?

    Help us answer some questions about what makes us unique.
    • Location (it was close to me)
    • Mission (Olivet has a good purpose)
    • Size of Campus (not too big, not too small)
    • Majors & Programs (there are programs that fit what I want to do)
    • Faculty (the professors and staff are great)
    • Study Abroad Opportunities (there are good opportunities outside the US)
    • Student Life (excellent on-campus living)
    • Cost & Financial Aid (it was affordable and worked for me)
  • Overall Website

  • Very ineffectiveIneffectiveNeutralEffectiveVery effective
  • DesktopMobileTablet
  • Strongly dislikeDislikeNeutralLikeStrongly like
  • Strongly dislikeDislikeNeutralLikeStrongly like
  • Ease of Use

    How easy is the Olivet College website to navigate and use?
  • Very difficultDifficultNeutralEasyVery easy
  • Very difficultDifficultNeutralEasyVery easy
  • See the sidebar navigation on any interior pages, such as https://www.olivetcollege.edu/undergraduate/admissions/high-school-students/
    Very difficultDifficultNeutralEasyVery easy
  • Content Awareness

    How well have we marketed different sections of the website?
  • Final Remarks

    We'd love a few final comments to wrap up!
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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.